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I am planning on hosting a few Saturday Classes at my home. Space will be limited, but we have to paint and I have some fun things to teach. Below are a few of the dates for our fairly close Conventions where I will be teaching. Northern California Chapters Council otherwise known as NCCC Painting Retreat.

Las Vegas Feb 23-28th. Teaching class #162 Stroke Fruit Lazy Susan Monday 6pm-10pm. picture

 Seattle: watch for pictures and dates. Convention is September 17 thru 21st and I will be teaching 3 classes.

 NCCC    Northern California Chapters Council    October 9 thru 12. Watch for updates here after February.

Look for Paint it Simply Education.
 This is a wonderful way to paint that
 has no floated color, which has a very
 lovely look.

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My name is Margo Geyer, I have an unending /span> Passion for Paint and I want to share it with you!

Have you ever thought...?  Did you ever see a painting, box, vase, plaque and wonder...? Could I do that?

"No, I can't draw", you say?

It DOES NOT MATTER.   If you have the adventure, wonder and passion to try something new and if you can imagine an experience that seems to be out of reach...I can teach you!

From raw beginner to experienced artist, you will find fun and challenge at Passion for Paint Art Studio.

Visit the Gallery page to see completed works.  Imagine the possibilities!

If you are ready to take a chance and begin your journey, or you are looking for a comfortable home where you can visit with and learn from experienced artists, check out the Contact page and give me a call.

If you are ready to attend a convention to meet and learn from other painters, visit the Calendar page to see my upcoming classes and calendar of events.